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Greetings! It’s Hanna again.

Today I’d share my experience? My interest? In writing. English is not my first language, so there must be some errors in my writing, but I enjoy writing in English.

I love to write, about anything. It can be something I found interesting like an event occurred around be, how I feel about stuffs, things I love (like the last one I wrote about Stage Play), or maybe about my crush to someone.

I started writing stories when I was like, 10 years old. It all started when I got into K-Pop, and shortly I found out what fanfiction was. I got inspired and tried to write one myself. I posted fics I wrote on my personal wordpress, which is now abandoned because I forgot my e-mail and password. And then I started writing more, got into bigger fanfiction sites as an author, got positive and supportive comments, that was delightful. But then at the end of my middle school life, I got busy with preparing highschool, and actually left the K-Pop fandom. 

I didn’t write much in highschool I just started writing again on my 2nd year and most likely a journal of my life, about how was my day and mostly talking about a guy I had crush on. I kind of write fiction stories but never get it done I don’t even know why. I started writing in English around this period, since I made friends with overseas friends who share same interests as me (games and stage plays). English is the main language we use to communicate with each other, I tried my best to practice my English so we could understand each other better.

I really wanted to write a fictional novel, I built characters with their personalities, their back stories, even their meaningful names. I got how the story would start, and how it would end, but there’s a huge gap in the middle I didn’t get to complete. I wish I put my mind more into it though, but it wasn’t easy at all.

However I found that writing my feelings are much easier than speaking it out. When I write I have more time to think about what word I should use, speaking is different. Everything have to be more spontaneous and in the end what I said was just 10% of what I’m really thinking. That’s why I’m suck at telling stories, but I’m confident in my writing.

Some people might worry about what grammars to use or something, but I don’t really pay attention to my grammars, I might find something wrong if it sounds odd. I read a lot of stories written in English. I didn’t pay attention to their grammars, but I enjoyed how they put the words into a beautifully written sentences. And when it sounds odd, I know there’s something wrong with the grammar or something like that. You might feel this way too if you’re used to it.

If you’re planning to start writing, I have some advice for you, I don’t know if it’ll be useful or not, you can decide it yourself.

First of all pick a topic. The topic can be anything, write about your day, about your beloved pet, about a good-looking person you passed by on the street, about your love to your idols or games, basically anything you’d enjoy writing. It has to be something you like because it makes easier to write and probably can be finished in just one sit.

Second, write the main things, you don’t have to write it in details at first. Just write the main things. For example, I’m about to write about the actor I love named Akira. And I want to write about his act as Adonis in Ensemble Stars On Stage, the way he smiles, he as a part of Bancho Boys, his love of Pokemon and cats, and how much I want to see him on stage again. Those are all the main parts I want to write. Get it?

Third, write the details. We’re almost there! Now write the details for every main parts. Here is my example.

There is an actor I really like recently, his name is Akira. Akira is only his stage name but there’s no further information about his born name. That’s pretty normal for actors though, using a stage name. Akira is only 4 years older than me, he was born on 6th January 1996. He is half English and half Japan.

The first time I saw Akira was on Ensemble Stars On Stage which he played a role as Otogari Adonis, a member of UNDEAD unit. I’ve always waited the Stage Play adaptation for Ensemble Stars, since I have played the game in 2016. Adonis is a stoic character so he didn’t talk and stand out much, but when I watched the backstage, I can’t take my eyes off of him.

When he has dimples when he smiles and that’s so cute and refreshing. He’s more like a cheerful and active person than Adonis is. His not-Adonis-deep-voice is also cute. I watched the backstage more than 5 times just to see Akira and I’m not tired of it, at all.

I did some research of him on his twitter and I found out he’s the part of Bancho Boys, pretty much like a group of actors from the same agency. Their page is actually all Japanese so I can’t really understand a thing. But what I saw was they did some stages together, and one of the stage was, I don’t know why, them cross dressing as a girl, even Akira also put on a wig, costumes, and all. But he was pretty cute. Like, with that muscular thighs but also with that cute face.

Akira tweeted a lot of his drawings too, most of them are Pokemon and Adonis. He also played Pokemon Go, he tweeted some screenshots of pokemon he got and also some screenshot of Ensemble Stars game.

Akira played some stages before he played Enstars On Stage, and I really want to watch every stage he was in, to see how he play roles to see the backstages, to see more of his heart warming smiles.

That’s the details.

Fourth, or maybe the last, is re-read everything and in case you’re missing something or misspelled something, correct it eventually. And then, ask for the friends of yours to read it, is your massages you’re trying to convey get to them? If yes, congratulations! You did well! If no, you’re still doing well! It’s a part of learning and practicing, what important is you enjoyed writing and want to write more!

And when you’re confident enough, post your writings somewhere! Share it with world wide people. It can be on your blog, on your facebook, make a twitter thread maybe, or just casually put it on your instagram caption. Have fun!

For me, writing isn’t just something I like to do, but also something I need to do. Since I don’t tell my friends every single things in my mind, I still have secrets I can’t tell to anyone. And I just keep those secrets on my mind, I might feel uneasy. That’s why I write it down. And those secrets are not going to be posted, they’ll just stay on my computer until I decided to read it again.

Not only about secrets, I actually write letters for myself. I write something to motivate myself. Like at the first semester I wrote a letter and keep it in a place I called capsule time, and when I feel like it, I’ll read it again to motivate myself. Maybe you can try writing some letters for your future self to read.

Maybe that’s all for now, thank you for reading this far! You can share your writings to me, or maybe you can talk to me in English if you need a practice friend. Find me on instagram hantrvpls.

Hanna, 18.
Architecture Student.

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