Importance of Friends Part 1

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Greetings! It’s Hanna again.
I will make this into 2 Parts, the first part would be about what I usually call irl friends or in real life friends, which mean my classmates, and everyone around me physically. The second part would be about online friends, those friends who I met online, we talked a lot about stuffs and bonding without even meeting each other physically.

Moving on to the topic.
I’m a really shy person. Not a kind of a person who will approach someone first. That’s why I don’t have that many friends to begin with. I’m either just sticking with one or two friends I’m comfortable with. When I was in middle school, I was in a group of friends with 5 people, our friendship lasted until we were in highschool. After we graduated highschool and started college, I didn’t talk to them anymore. More like, they don’t talk to me either?
When I was in highschool I was in a group with 8 people, I can say it’s a lot. But I’m actually just comfortable with 2 or 3 of them. It only lasted until the second year though. I’m just sticking with 2 people in the third year until now.
And now in college, I grew up and less shy, I’m more adaptable and talk a lot. I talked to everyone in class and other classes but I’m more close to 4 people. I feel it’s easier to talk to someone now. Maybe it’s because there are just 3 classes and we meet each other pretty often because there are so many events going on. I’m still find it hard to talk to upperclassmen though.
The thing is, it’s not about the number. Even if you’re just feeling comfortable around 2 or 3 people, it’s better than feeling uncomfortable around 10 people. Just surround yourself with people you’re comfortable with. But it doesn’t mean you have to cut ties with other people, you still have to interact with them but in smaller intensities.
When it comes to telling people something like your personal problems, you should just tell those to people you trust. Because you can’t guarantee if people you don’t trust will keep it to themselves, they might tell other people or so.
Friends for me are my mood booster, people who will keep my mood up, who can motivate me, who will cover me when I make mistakes, who will answer my questions even if it’s 2 in the morning because we were on deadlines. We might just eat together, watch something together, or doing anything together, and I’d feel comfortable, I’m having fun.
Back to the title, the importance of friends, in this case irl friends. It is very important. Especially when you’re a college student and an architecture student. You can’t just rely on the professors who can’t be around you every time. You can’t just rely on books you have because if you don’t understand something and can’t get it even how many times you read it, the books can’t explain it the way you’d understand. That’s why you need a friend who can help you. They might not as experienced as the professors, they might not as smart as books, but they can deliver what they know to you, in a way you could understand.
And when both of us don’t understand about something, we would search for an answer together, asking people who might know, most likely upperclassman, and share it to each other. When we’re not feeling like doing anything, we did nothing together. Being as unproductive as we can.
What would you do if you have no friends?
You don’t have all the answers for your questions in yourself.
Who you’d ask? The professors? They might answer you messages 5 hours later after you sent it.
The books? Sure! You get the answers, but wait, why is it like that? What if you get it wrong? What should you do?
What do you do when you’re not feeling like doing anything?
Watching people being productive while you’re just sitting there alone?
                Who do you talk to when you’re eating lunch or dinner?
                Who do you ask to watch a movie with?
Maybe we can still do those things alone. But really, college is really stressful itself, and stressing alone isn’t fun at all. You need a friend so you can forget about your stress and get refreshed.
                Make sure the friends you have are not a toxic friend. I had a toxic friend once, I know that person is using me but cutting ties is impossible since we meet each other everyday. And now we had separated ways, I got my independence and now I’m surrounded with people I love.
                Friends help each other without thinking twice. You got no money? No worries! You can borrow mine! You need a ride home? Sure! You need someone to hear about your problems? I’m all ears! You want to move on from your ex? We got you!
                Friends are really important. They care about you. They’d ask if you didn’t go to classes. They’d ask your assignment’s progress, and they’d help you finish it when they’re done. They’d cheer you up when you’re feeling down. They’d even be there to do nothing with you.
                Maybe that’s all I could say about the irl friends. Since I’m an introvert, friends who can tolerate me are my treasure. Thanks for reading this far, I really appreciate it. Thank you!
Hanna, 18.
Architecture Student.

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