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Greetings! I’m Hanna, Andyka’s classmate when we were in highschool.
I wrote my personal thoughts about Stage Play but didn’t know what to do with them and then Dyka offered to post it on his blog, and that’s how this ended up here.

I want to share my opinion

about a beautiful art called Stage Play that maybe some of people aren’t familiar with.
For people who haven’t know, Stage Play is a play performed on stage. What I usually watch is an adaptation of animes or games, but it can be something new. Stage play in Japan is usually called Butai, but a stage play is not always from Japan though. The but more official. Actors are dressed as the anime character they played, pretty much like cosplay
Source: http://www.engeki-haikyu.com/2015/

I started to watch Stage Play in 2016, so 2 years ago. My first Stage Play was Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!!. I was so into sport anime especially Haikyuu!!, I found out about post about the stage play flood my dashboard and I saw Kageyama’s actor’s the Stage Play of Haikyuu on tumblr but I wasn’t that much interested but a watch the stage play. (Kimura Tatsunari) smile, it was so sweet and beautiful, I decided to try and Since it’s called Hyper Projection, the projection itself was so awesome (even the poster is beautiful too), and the actors playing their character with full of energy gave me a hype feeling inside. It was so AWESOME! Even me who just watched them through my stage pretending to play volleyball, their movement fits perfectly with the laptop screen could get their excitement playing on the stage running over the projection, beautiful.
And then I watched the back stage. Now I understand how their energy comes from. They practiced so hard, they’re drenched in sweat, but they do all of those hard work to make a beautiful show. To meet their audience’s expectations and even beyond.
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The next stage play I watched was 2nd season of Prince of Tennis Musical or Tenimyu. Well, since I was attracted to Kimura Tatsunari I searched for another stage play he was in and he played as 8th gen Kaoru Kaido from Seigaku in tenimyu. Tenimyu has a lot of arc, and the first one I watched was Seigaku vs Rikkai Nationals Arc. I didn’t watch Prince of Tennis anime so I didn’t know any of the character at first, I was just here to watch Tattsun. But wow, I’m beyond amazed. It doesn’t even have subtitles, I’m not Japanese expert, I’m only like 10% understand what they’re saying of that 2 hour show. But, WOW, their balls, but they swing their racket with full of energy. Tattsun only got a choreography, their song, how they pretend playing tennis when there’s no small part in this arc but I’m so amazed with every actors.
And then I watched the backstage. They did like, over 30 performances for months and I can imagine how tiring it is. They practiced so hard, the dance choreography, their singing, at the same time, like K-Pop basically, but their show is 2 hour long with and since it’s a musical I guess it’s harder because you have to dance and sing to remember. That’s a huge ton of work. But they’re all together supporting and script they have to remember, might be more than 10 songs and dances they have cheering each other. They enjoyed the performances and had a lot of fun in their faces. I saw their happy faces when a performance ended well, with satisfied audiences. I saw their tears when It’s their last performance, overwhelmed with feelings. I can see how much they to the audience cheering them all, asking for encore, if I were in their love to be the part of the show. How much they love to be on stage. Listening position, I will treasure that moment.
Then I watched more tenimyu 2nd season, from the beginning until the last one where the 2nd season endend, it’s time for everyone to graduate from tenimyu. It was so touching. They worked so hard, enjoying every performances, whining so hard when there’s only a few performances left because they don’t want it to end, they cried when it’s finally end, they cried because there’s no team, as tenimyu. performance left for them to play as their character, to play as the whole I might said that their wigs looks weird at first but they had to wear it for the whole show, it might be itchy but they endured it, and then I completely forget to comment about their wigs and being too busy to enjoy their show.
I watched a lot of stage play now. Every single one, I becoming more and more into this art called stage play. They practice months before the first show started, they do the same show enjoyed their show, I cheer for them through social medias. for months without saying that they’re bored, they and me as the audience I appreciate the actors a lot. All of their performances are live, if they do a single mistakes, the whole actor have to cover it up, they worked as a team. They’re drenched in sweat in every performances, but they keep playing their role with full of energy. They cheer for each other, they hugged each other, they’re doing their best for the audiences in the venue, and for the audiences who watch the through a screen. Some of the actors might have to wok with another actors they’ve never worked with before, some might work together again, but it feels good knowing they made a good relationship what makes me so satisfied is when they purposely doing a reunion with their with each other, keeping up great teamwork with whoever they work with. And past team.
But not only the actors to be appreciated, the WHOLE backstage team are very awesome too. They worked hard to write the script to make the decorations, the costumes, the lightning, the that’s what complete a perfect show. sound system, the posters, everything. It’s all supporting each other and I might go on and on talking about stage play especially tenimyu because tenimyu gave me a huge chance to watch other stage plays (the stage plays I watched mostly have stage play just tell me I will definitely drag you into this. tenimyu actors in it). And yes I LOVE STAGE PLAYS. If you’re interested in

Thank you if you read it

this far, It’d be great if you share your thoughts about things I wrote here!

Hanna, 18.
Architecture Student.

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